Why adopt? 

Once you’ve decided you want to live with a cat or dog, you have to answer a key question: To Buy or adopt? We can give you a few reasons to decide on adoption:

Because given the number of animals in shelters you will easily find one best suited for your situation (your character, your available time and space, type and size of family, etc.).

Because most dogs in shelters may not be purebred, but they are most certainly unique mixes.

Because you will know you’ll have helped helped to make room for another abandoned animal, who may desperately need help.

Because when you look them in the eye you won’t see the money it cost, but their gratitude for having given them a family and a home.

Because if you go to the shelter to choose your new pet with your children, you’ll be teaching them something they will not forget.

Because… there are a thousand reasons and you’ll certainly find yours.